Consignment FAQ

What is a Consignment Shop?

A consignment shop is a store where the store owner will sell items for you and keep a percent of the sales. The advantage of using a consignment shop over donating to a traditional thrift store is that you get money back for the items you drop off. Consignment shops are usually locally owned as well, so using one also helps your local community and economy.

Why Use Us?

Using a consignment shop has three huge advantages:

  • You get money back. After the items sell, you get a percent of the sales.
  • We sell the items for you. You don’t have to do any of the work.
  • We will either donate the unsellable/unsold items, or you can have them back.

Where can I find more resources about children’s consignment?

Consignment Mommies is a great site to find out more information about children’s consignment shops. You can visit their website at

Are there any items that The Lilly Pad will not consign?

Yes. For legal, safety, and hygiene purposes we cannot take used car seats, used mattresses, used underwear or anything on the recall list.

Not sure if an item is on the recall list? Check here: