About Us

The Lilly Pad opened it’s doors back in 2006 by Nick’s daughter, Nina Pecora, in downtown Homewood near where Chuck’s House of Magic used to be. Nina ran The Lilly Pad for 6 years and in 2012 she turned The Lilly Pad over to her father, Nick, so she could focus on helping people by becoming an emergency dispatcher.

Prior to taking over The Lilly Pad in 2012, Nick used to run an Investment firm (long before taking over) and he also does personal taxes (which he still does). His wife Debby (who co-runs the shop) used to operate the mainframe computers for JP Morgan Chase.

Since taking over the shop, Nick and Debby have focused their efforts on helping parents get rid of their unneeded children’s apparel and equipment, and get back some money while doing it. Now, experts in brands and quality of children’s merchandise, Nick and Debby spend each day trying to help each and every parent who walk through their door with advice, great deals, and a friendly conversation.